New Haven, CT Electrolysis
There is no better solution than Electrolysis, a treatment that as individual as you.  
Electrolysis works on all skin and hair types.
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Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal, eliminates unwanted
hair permanently with unsurpassed results. Electrolysis works
on all hair and skin types.
No other hair removal can claim such universal acceptability
and success.
What to Expect
The latest technology have made Electrolysis more comfortable,
convenient and effective than ever before. Treatments can range
from 15 min.
to an hour depending on the area being treated and
the treatment schedule recommended. Based on a personal and
confidential consultation, I will address your specific areas of
concern. Now is a good time to seek professional help before
hair growth becomes unmanageable
Electrolysis is more than you  Think!
It's a treatment that can give you a whole new lease on life!
            Be Hair Free Forever!
Electrolysis is still the only true permanent method of hair removal and the only permanent treatment recognized by the FDA!